Apartments for rent in North of Lanzarote, Arrieta, Punta Mujeres, Haria, Orzola, Mala, Guatiza, Ye

 List of our Apartments, Bungalows and Villas for rent in the NORTH OF LANZAROTE

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SRI  Arrieta Apartment 2-3p
NIUAO Arrieta Apartment 2-4p
KOHLI Arrieta Apartment 2p
KASHYAT Arrieta Apartment 2p
TANAKA Arrieta Apartment 3p x2
ARUM Arrieta Apartment 4p
JHA Arrieta Apartment 4p
MEHTA arrieta Apartment 4p
GANESHA Arrieta Apartment 4p
INOUE Arrieta Apartment 4p
ALISMA Arrieta Apartment 4p x2
KIMURA Arrieta Apartment 4P x2
ALLAMANDA Arrieta Apartment 4p x4
ALLIUM Arrieta Apartment 4p x8
PAPAYA Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-3p
HAINAN Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p
ARUTUA Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p
DANAINAE Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p
LYCA Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p
VIZZTAH Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p
ANDIRA Punta Mujeres Apartment 2-4p x2
SWAMY Punta Mujeres Apartment 3-4p
NYMPHA Punta Mujeres Apartment 3-5 p
IKEDA Punta Mujeres Apartment 3p
TRIVADI Punta Mujeres Bungalow 2p
AIWITAWENA Punta Mujeres Bungalow 4p
MATAIVA I Punta Mujeres Bungalow 4p
MATAIVA II Punta Mujeres Bungalow 4p
HORIZONTE Punta Mujeres Bungalow 4p
PALAWAN Punta Mujeres Villa 4p
SHIRAZI Orzola Apartment 2-4p
INAMDAR Orzola Apartment 2p x2
AFRIDI Orzola Apartment 4p
JAFARI Orzola Apartment 4p
OLEA Orzola Apartment 4p
JAIN Orzola Apartment 4p x2
DESAI Orzola Apartment 4p x2
BAOBAB Orzola Apartments 18p
TRANQUILA Orzola Villa 4p
BLUESKY Orzola Villa 5p
PACHIMOTANASA Haria Apartments 3p
SAVASANA Haria Apartments 3p
PALMERALA Haria Apartments 3p
HAIKU Haria Villa 10-12p
SEN Haria Villa 4p
PALMOCEAN Haria Villa 6p
HABIBI Ye Apartment 4p
YEAH Ye Villa 4p
NATURA Tabayesco Apartment 2p


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 CONTACTS: our local contacts in Lanzarote: Raf & Jeni